kitchen catch up

I seriously can't believe how backed up I've gotten on posting recipes, it's really been driving me crazy. So today I'm playing catch up, which means you get six recipes in one post. I mean, what kind of food blogger am I? I wish I had some good reason for blog neglect... traveling? sick dog? busy schedule? Hmm, all … Continue reading kitchen catch up


tofu pizza stuffed portobellos

This recipe was inspired by my brother, Alex. He suggested we make stuffed Portobello mushrooms... I had tofu, veggies, and marinara sauce on hand... and voila! These were some of the best stuffed mushrooms I've ever had, I think Alex agreed. And just to note, I have the coolest little brother ever. Well, he's not little... I have to reach … Continue reading tofu pizza stuffed portobellos

tangy tofu lettuce wraps

First, a confession: I seriously over-cooked this poor tofu. It turned out more like tofu-jerky... hey, maybe I'm on to something? But rather than wait until I bought more at the store, thereby procrastinating this post even more, I decided to follow through in hopes you'll let it slide. I mean, it sounded like little rocks hitting the plate... I tried to be … Continue reading tangy tofu lettuce wraps