sweet potato chips with black bean pineapple salsa

This is easily one of the simplest light meals I've ever made, and considering it only takes 20 minutes start to finish, the results far outweigh the minimal effort involved. My kind of recipe. All that's required is preheating an oven, mixing in a touch of coconut or olive oil and seasonings with the sliced sweet potatoes, … Continue reading sweet potato chips with black bean pineapple salsa


the best kale salad ever

No offense to collard greens, black eyed peas and cornbread, but after this recipe I'm starting my own New Year's meal tradition. I may have even just found my favorite recipe for 2015. Seems a little early to be making that call... but I really don't care. This is SO. GOOD. If nothing else, this is … Continue reading the best kale salad ever