cashew sour cream… and some thoughts on calcium

Sour cream made from cashews... sounds cool, right? But why not just use regular sour cream and save myself the trouble? Why is everyone trying to avoid dairy these days? Milk has been part of our diets forever! This must be another one of those hippie food trends, like avoiding gluten. And if I cut out … Continue reading cashew sour cream… and some thoughts on calcium


coconut ginger spiced lentils

If cooking were baseball, there's no denying what the grand slam of flavors would be: coconut, ginger, garlic, and cumin... with coriander knocking in a solo home run the very next play. It's certainly not a new discovery, Indian and Thai cuisine have had this figured out since the get-go. The silky savoriness of coconut and … Continue reading coconut ginger spiced lentils

homestyle quinoa veggie burgers

I'm not gonna lie, if there's one thing I miss since going meat-free, it's a juicy burger. Especially whenever I encounter the unmistakable, enticingly savory aroma of a good cookout. Thankfully, I'm quickly snapped back into reality by the sobering thought of greasy, saturated fat congealing in my arteries, and the heavy, lethargic feeling that accompanies forcing my body to absorb ground up corn-fed cow flesh. … Continue reading homestyle quinoa veggie burgers