my new love

I recently attended the Mind, Body and Spirit Expo here in Austin, which proved to be enlightening as well as strangely entertaining. With the event tag line: “Renew, Evolve, Refresh, Transcend” …all for 10 bucks, it seemed right up my alley. I was amazed to see so many people flocking to this unique gathering of psychics, chiropractors, fortune tellers, reiki masters and healers, all presumably searching for answers (myself included I suppose). I sat in on a lecture about using the power of meditation to transform negative thoughts and energy in yourself and others. We were instructed to think of a difficult situation happening in our lives, and to meditate for seven minutes on the emotions that surfaced. The point was to not fight it, but rather sit with it, while the therapist created a healing (magical?) energy field around us (yeah, not so sure about that part), but I have to say I walked away a little lighter! The speaker said she named it “Sky Therapy,” because “clouds in the sky always dissolve, no matter how big or dark they are.” Nice, huh?

I spent a couple hours perusing handmade crystal jewelry, hemp clothing, eavesdropping on psychic readings, and participating in a demo on all natural skin products with whole, botanical ingredients (called OM Ayurvedic, so impressive I bought some). But the absolute highlight of the expo was laying eyes on something I’ve only seen in my dreams… avocado oil.

Maybe you’ve already seen it out there on the shelves, but I haven’t, and I’ve been wondering when the food industry will jump on this one! I know there are always questions about which oil is best, I myself jumped head first on the coconut oil band wagon and used it for everything. As you’ve heard, some fats are “good” and some are “bad,” and too much of anything is unhealthy. This dietitian will tell you no differently. Personally, I cook with either coconut or olive oil, depending on the flavor I prefer for the recipe. But as it just so happens, I am crazy about avocados, which I consider to be one of the most nutrient dense foods we can consume. They’re rich in oleic acid (a monounsat fat), antioxidants, vitamins, magnesium, beta-sitosterol (which competes with cholesterol for absorption), omega 3, folate and fiber.

My favorite use so far is roasting vegetables drizzled with a little avocado oil. I found one infused with garlic, even better for taste. The vegetables maintain their color and flavor extremely well with this oil, and taste amazing.

extra virgin avocado oil is rich in niacin, omegas 3, 6, and 9, vitamin B6 and E, has a smoke point of 520 degrees and beautifully enhances flavor
roasted garbanzo beans, red bell pepper, mushroom and kale with avocado oil, lemon and garlic. obsessed.
simple broccoli, mushroom combo, roasted in avocado oil at 375 for 20 minutes. note the fluffy, vibrant appearance, still slightly juicy and extremely flavorful.

As a side note, the avocado oil infused with garlic is perfect for dipping bread Italian style making it completely dangerous. I just find there is so much room for food love in my life, and I welcome this new addition.

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